AERA Webinar - Meet Members of Congress in Your District

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Meet Members of Congress in Your District

The House and Senate adjourn on July 18, 2016 for a six-week district work period. This is a perfect opportunity for education researchers who seek to broaden the connections between education research and its sound uses in policy and research to visit members of Congress while they are home. This webinar will provide information to education researchers seeking to learn strategies and build skills in communicating research to elected officials in their district offices.

What You'll Learn:

  • The value of visiting congressional offices in your district and state
  • Essential tips for a successful meeting
  • Effective strategies to communicate your research and its value to policy and practice
  • Approaches to building an ongoing relationship with a congressional office

We have also provided supporting resources including a sample meeting request, a suggested meeting outline, as well as leave behind materials.



  • Juliane Baron, AERA Director of Government Relations
  • Christy Talbot, AERA Program Associate, Government Relations

Course 205-2016


VRLC Course
Recorded 07/14/2016
Recorded 07/14/2016