AERA Webinar: Sharing Education Research on Capitol Hill

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AERA Webinar
Sharing Education Research on Capitol Hill

Hoping that your research will help to inform education policy and practice?

AERA Congressional Fellows describe their impressions and experiences as education scientists on Capitol Hill. They share their observations about what it is like to work in Congressional offices, the differences between academia and Capitol Hill, and the role of education research in policymaking. They share insights on how education research might contribute to education policy discussions.

AERA Congressional Fellow Participants:

  • Paul Rubin, Current Fellow, Office of Senator Elizabeth Warren 
  • Jenna Sablan, Fellow 2016 - 2017, Senate Budget Committee 
  • Zewelanji Serpell, Current Fellow, House Committee on Education and the Workforce


  • Juliane Baron, Director of Government Relations, AERA  
  • George L. Wimberly, Director of Professional Development and Diversity Officer, AERA

Webinar recorded live on Friday, November 17, 2017.

Course No. 276-2017



VRLC Course
Recorded 11/17/2017
Recorded 11/17/2017