Crafting the Story: An Introduction to Writing With Qualitative Data

Crafting the Story: An Introduction to Writing With Qualitative Data
In this course, participants will examine and usenarrative devices inherent to the writing of qualitative research. Thisinteractive session will be conducted in the format of a writing course. Participants will engage with transcripts from an extant research study and cast analyzed data into different report styles, using rhetoricalstructures common to the different styles associated with the variousqualitative research designs.

The goal of this course is toconceptualize writing with qualitative data as storytelling. By the endof the course, participants will be able to:  

1) discuss common report styles and structures in qualitative research
2) explain the role of writer perspective and intentionality in writing
3) describe the influence of a writer's relationship to the intended audience
4) define the key elements of storytelling and their relationship to qualitative research
5) demonstrate how these elements can be used in their own research.

The course is designed foradvanced graduate students and early career scholars interested inqualitative research. Participants should have a working knowledge ofqualitative research, have completed at least an introductory course inthe field, and have experience reading, coding, and writing fromtranscripts. They will be tasked with a short writing assignment beforethe course. Participants should bring laptops and be prepared to writeand share what they have written with other participants.


  • Karri A. Holley, The University of Alabama
  • Michael S. Harris, Southern Methodist University


Recorded April 9, 2016

Course No 136-2016


VRLC Course
Recorded 06/29/2016
Recorded 06/29/2016