PDC04: Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

PDC04: Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Amy L. Dent, University of California, Irvine
Terri D. Pigott, Loyola University Chicago
Joshua R. Polanin, Development Services Group
Joseph Taylor, BSCS

Fee: $135 

This course will introduce the basics of systematic review and meta-analysis. Topics covered include developing a research question, searching the literature, evaluating and coding studies, conducting a meta-analysis, and interpreting results for various stakeholders. Participants are encouraged to bring an idea for a systematic review to the course, with time reserved for discussion about it with course instructors. Course activities will include lecture, hands-on exercises, small-group discussion, and individual consultation. The target audience includes both those new to systematic review and meta-analysis and those currently conducting either type of project. Knowledge of basic descriptive statistics is assumed.


On-Demand Recording
Recorded 04/12/2018
Recorded 04/12/2018