PDC14: Strategies for Sharing Your Research

PDC14: Strategies for Sharing Your Research


  • Jenny Grant Rankin, University of Cambridge

This course focuses on how to best communicate research findings. It is appropriate for researchers and scholars who have researched (or are currently researching) any topic within the education field and who do not want their findings to languish on a forgotten shelf or webpage. Participants will learn about a variety of opportunities, how to land those opportunities, and strategies to maximize those opportunities to share their work with varied audiences. The course is split into three sections: laying the groundwork (branding, websites, social media, etc.), speaking (TED Talks, conferences, media interviews, NPR/radio, etc.), and writing (book deals, journals, magazines, etc.) Sections involve participant interaction and hands-on activities to apply concepts. Participants will learn to leverage resources available to women and underrepresented minorities so more diverse perspectives are represented in field dialogue. In addressing significant professional development issues (e.g., writing and speaking strategies), this course will encourage dynamic, memorable research presentations and accessible, widespread communication of education research findings.


Course No. 255-2017


VRLC Course
Recorded 08/09/2017
Recorded 08/09/2017