AERA Annual Meeting: How to Review Submissions

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AERA Annual Meeting: How to Review Submissions

This course features a distinguished panel of scholars who provide knowledge and insight on reviewing AERA Annual Meeting paper and session submissions. Appropriate for graduate students and early career scholars who are new to the review process or seeking to enhance their review skills, this course is divided into four segments. First, Patricia Alexander discusses the development and importance of AERA's peer review process and its significance to scientific review. Second, James Cibulka reviews the AERA paper and session submission process, providing details of what elements should be addressed in all submissions, discusses the guidelines to follow for submissions to receive full consideration. Third, Cynthia Tyson goes over the logistical aspects of the peer review process for Annual Meeting submissions, providing an overview of who is selected to serve as a reviewer, discussing what is expected of reviewers, and describing the review criteria for submissions. Finally, the panel concludes this course by offering tips on how to be a peer reviewer and how to provide feedback to authors and program chairs.


  • Patricia Alexander - University of Maryland, College Park
  • James Cibulka - Independent Consultant
  • Cynthia Tyson - The Ohio State University

Course 207-2016


VRLC Course
Recorded 10/20/2016
Recorded 10/20/2016