Introduction to the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Longitudinal Database

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This course introduces researchers to data collected by the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Project. Supported by a grant from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, MET researchers collected a variety of indicators of teaching quality over a two-year period in the classrooms of more than 2,500 fourth- through ninth-grade teachers working in 317 schools located in six large school districts in the United States.

The data collected on teachers and their teaching included:

(a) measures of students’ achievement in each teachers‘ classroom drawn from state-administered assessments and supplemental achievement tests

(b) a survey of students in each teacher’s classes

(c) video-recorded lessons taught by a teacher and scored by independent observers using multiple classroom observation protocols

(d) paper and pencil assessments of a teacher’s pedagogical and content knowledge for teaching 

(e) two different teacher surveys. In addition, principals of the schools where teachers worked also completed a survey and other administrative data on schools, teachers, and students are available for analysis.

This course provides an overview of the MET Project, including data collection procedures and types of data collected. Instructors discuss the opportunities for research with MET data and describe procedures for obtaining access to the MET Longitudinal Database. 

    Topics convered in this course include:

  • Welcome - Brian Rowan 
  • Overview of the MET Project - Steve Cantrell 
  • Student Surveys in MET - Ronald F. Ferguson
  • Content Knowledge for Teaching - Drew Gitomer
  • Using MET Observation Data - Courtney A. Bell
  • MET Classroom Observation Data - Ben Kelcey
  • MET Data Access - Johanna Bleckman & Susan M. Jekielek


  • Steve Cantrell, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Ronald Ferguson, Harvard University
  • Ben Kelcey, Wayne State University
  • Courtney Bell, ETS
  • Drew Gitomer, Rutgers University
  • George Alter, University of Michigan
  • Brian Rowan, University of Michigan
  • Johanna Bleckman, University of Michigan
  • Susan M. Jekielek, University of Michigan


Course No. 101-2013


VRLC Course
Recorded 04/28/2013
Recorded 04/28/2013